Hi, and welcome to my online home, where outdoor sports—especially ones involving snow—are my passion, and writing is my life. I know how lucky I am to be able to combine the two to make my living.

Action shot of cross country skiingAlpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, tubing—these are what I love to do. Then, when I’m back in front of the fireplace and my fingers and toes have thawed out, I love to write about it. I also love writing about other people doing these exciting things, because there’s nothing quite like watching people enjoy life. I figured, since I spend so much time on the slopes, why not share what I’ve learned with others who may want to know more about the ins and outs of winter sports?

  • Where to go for the best experience
  • What to wear for the most comfort and safety
  • When to go to get the best deals
  • What else to do while you’re there, to extend the enjoyment
  • How to get better at your chosen sport

There are only two things I can’t abide in this world: A poorly groomed trail and sticky keys on my keyboard. Everything else, I can overlook.

I also cover outdoor activities of all types in all seasons, so if you have an event that needs to be covered, a recreation destination people should know about, or a columnist for your newspaper, magazine or blog, contact me now. Let’s see how I can help you get the audience you’re looking for.